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Case Introduced

Location: Malaysia

AGV warehouse area: 3000 square meters

Robot: rosefinch M60 * 6 sets

Workstation: 2

Shelf number: 598

Cargo specification: multi-shelf space

Warehouse AGV operation type: motorcycle parts logistics

Case Description

Yamaha Motor co., LTD. (Yamaha Motor) is a subsidiary of the Yamaha in Malaysia, in 1955, founded by motorcycle YA - 1 successfully launched, Yamaha Motor company has been committed to new technology innovation and continuously expand new business requirements, to create a unique product, provide a new service value for customers, the company core professional fields including motorcycle powertrain technology, properties of vehicles and ships, and related to the chassis/hull technology, electronic control and manufacturing. Over the past 50 years, the group has been committed to creating diversified value service system for global customers through diversified business, product and technology portfolio.

With the rapid development of electric vehicles and digital technology, and the subsequent restructuring of traditional vehicle systems and technical frameworks, yamaha's business is also at a critical moment of change. As a company with technological innovation as its core competitiveness, faced with the current trend of intelligent times, intelligent logistics, intelligent storage and other popular new logistics technologies, yamaha has also naturally become the focus of attention.

In June 2019, yamaha cooperated with the overseas team of Quicktron company to implement the on-line intelligent robot picking system, and the main projects included the picking of motorcycle parts 2B and 2C orders' goods on delivery ', offline workstations to restock and put on shelves, inventory and tally. The whole robot reservoir into intelligent no man's land, warehouse operations from the traditional 'person the arrival of the goods' to' 'arrival pattern, let the yamaha' technical control of technological innovation in this company, in the spare parts logistics center has successfully deployed the most advanced intelligent logistics equipment, the intelligent storage, new logistics technology also leads the counterpart, in line with the company with innovative technology as the core competitiveness of strategic positioning, further enhance the brand value of the company!