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Wuxi Cainiao Tmall Intelligent Robot Warehouse
Case Introduced

In the whole picking and process, the materials are handled by robots, and the warehouse management operations, such as putaway, replenishment, inventory and tallying are carried out by AGVs. It is the first online unmanned scattered commodity picking mode of the supermarket in China.

Warehouse area: more than 30,000 m2distributed in 7 fire prevention areas;

Robot: about 1,000 M60 robots

Workstations: approximately 350; racks: approximately 2,700

Commodity specification: single-layer pallets and multi-layer racks

Operation type: Scattered commodity picking of A, B and C types in Tmall Supermarket

The total amount of SKU: About 34,000 (more than 2,000 A-type SKUs)

Case Description

Mixed picking mode of scattered commodities of A, B and C 

Automatic picking outbound of the whole process in the whole warehouse:

The commodity - human AGV realizes the sorting mode in the whole warehouse, including containers and pallets. The whole automated process of A, B and C types of commodities, such as secondary distribution, quality check at the quality inspection station, QC packaging and automatic distribution on transportation lines, can be completed continuously.