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Commerce-Sanya International Duty Free City
Case Introduced

The e-commerce warehouse in Sanya International Duty Free City carries out the management of the inbound and outbound and storage operation according to its own business needs. The independent business of the e-commerce business warehouse dispatches commodities to the e-commerce business and offline sales counter unit according to the development of online and offline business in the Duty Free City.

Warehouse area of warehouse AGV: 2,000 ㎡

Robot: Zhuque Q60*38 sets

2C beauty makeup: 3900SKU

Inventory: 170,000

Case Description

The sorting accuracy is 99.99%

6 hours on time;

Efficiency: 245 pieces/station/hour

AGV intelligent system sorts orders for shipment and delivers to airport/port/railway station

Special process for customizing rush order

Relay sorting between robot warehouse area and artificial area

Batch management+commodity tallying